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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Well I do declare! For someone who never wins anything I just found out that I've won an all-expense paid trip to Malaysia, courtesy of Tourism Malaysia and the B.C. Association of Travel Writers. What great good fortune! I couldn't believe it with I got the call. This was the second draw for the contest as the original winner had to reneg on the ticket. I had put my name back in the hat quite awhile ago and to tell the truth had forgotten about it. Then I got the call: "Pack your bags, you're going to Malaysia!" I could hardly believe my ears.

The ticket's good for a year so I will have plenty of time to organize myself after my trip to Europe which happens in just a few weeks. Malaysia is one of the pretty countries I've looked at lots of brochures about but didn't think I could afford to go to, unless I got a FAM trip which didn't look to likely. So imagine my thrill to get an all expense paid trip, return airfare, first class hotel, meals etc. In return I shall try my best to write some nice stories about my trip, of course. It's only fair for me to do that. After all, I am a travel writer and it was because of my membership with the Travel Writer's Assoc. that I got a chance for this trip.

I'm so excited I can hardly believe it. Wait til my friends find out! Wow!

So, there's lots and lots to look forward to in the future, not only my up-and-coming trip to England and Greece, but after that, an opportunity to see a whole new different part of the globe!

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