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Sunday, May 15, 2005


SUNDAY, May 15. A whole week has gone by since I last wrote in this blog. What have I been doing? Mostly working! But this weekend I've (so far) had some excellent 'down-time' relaxing and having fun with my friends.

It was a special treat Friday when my good friend Rosie arrived to spend the weekend. Since she lives in another town, we don't often see each other, and we had a lot to catch up on. Went out dancing Friday night, too. She's great fun! Saturday I went to the Blues jam with my pals Paul and Jim (my Havana Buddies) as they wanted to meet my son Steve. P & J both do radio shows and often play cuts from Steve's CD. The Saturday jams (hosted by Steve and his band, The Westcoast Blues Review) are always a lot of fun. This time my two long-time pals Jude and Cheryl came in to town and Rosie joined us later too. So it turned into a really fun party.
Afterwards, Jude drove me out to meet Suzaki and I went to her place to spend the night.

That is also a special treat as Suzaki has a beautiful town house on the edge of the woods with a rushing river nearby, so you are surrounded by nature. A great way to relax! And today, before coming home, we went on a river walk just after a heavy rain so the air was fresh and pungent and everything so bright and green.

I'm mentally organizing myself for the busy coming week as it's only 8 more days I'll be boarding a plane for England! Saturday morning I had brunch with my travel partner Ingrid and Rosie to make last minute plans. We're getting so excited! But as always, the time is creeping up quickly and there's still lots to do. For one thing, as I'm sub-letting my place I have to tidy everything up. Wouldn't want to leave a mess for the nice young Brazilian girl who is going to house-sit for me.

My classes wind up this week too, and hopefully I'll manage some writing time between that and meetings and setting things in order.

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