Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Tuesday. I started a six day cleansing fast today so I'm going to keep track of the results here on my blog. I went to waterfit in the morning and was pleased to find they had a new instructor and different music (50's and 60's) which was a good change from before. So I had a good workout to begin my day. Then I dropped by the health food store and picked up some herbal capsules for cleansing liver, colon, lymph glands etc. And I've stocked up on fruit, vegetables and fruit/veggie juices.

I felt it was important to do this cleansing as I have felt some problems during the summer with my colon and digestion. And because I've had close friends/rels die of colon cancer I have no desire to let things get out of hand. Another of my good friends also had a scare with stomach troubles and has since quit drinking and is on a special detoxing regime. It certainly can't do me any harm and in fact I might even lose some weight.

So for lunch I had a delicious salad made with lettuce, cuke, avocado and various fruits. During the day I've snacked on fruits or celery and juices. For supper I made steamed veggies. I haven't felt hungry but I am feeling achey and on the verge of a headache. By tomorrow I'm sure I'll feel the effects of detoxing the sugar in my system as well as other toxic stuff accumulated over the past months. It's been ages since I've done a cleansing fast, so I am probably full of toxins and I'm sure I will feel 100% better when this is finished. So I am determined not to fall 'off the wagon' or cheat.

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