Tuesday, July 12, 2005


MONDAY. Today was my first day to experiment with food other than fruits and veggies. However, I decided to take it easy which may be difficult given that I've had a number of lunch and dinner invitations this week. Today my Greek friend S. invited me for lunch. She had prepared delicious Greek food: stuffed green peppers and Greek salad. Luckily it was all vegetarian and very enjoyable of course. Then I was invited for dinner to another friends. I passed on the chicken and stuck to bean salad and potatoe salad and stuffed vine leaves, also carrots dipped in houmus. But later tonight, after we'd attended a poetry reading in honour of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, we stopped for tea (herbal of course) and I treated myself to a small pastry with honey and almonds. My! after a week without any sweets, my taste buds were dancing! I really don't want to start with sugar again, but this was a special occasion and I really noticed how much the flavours of this were accentuated. My aim is introduce various foods bit by bit to see what agrees with me, what doesn't. Tomorrow I have to work, so I prepared a lunch of hard boiled egg, olives, celery and radishes with one small whole wheat bun and a pear for dessert. I'm planning on tuna salad for dinner.

My general over-all feeling is of great well-being, so why ruin this by going over-board. Besides, I really want to lose a bunch of weight and it's a good idea if I try and stick to mostly vegan meals for awhile and not get back into starchy things or too much meat.

The six days fast was a success. I feel good about that. It was discipline, but I proved I could do it!

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