Tuesday, July 19, 2005


MONDAY. Last week one of my Havana Buddies gave me tickets to the Folk Festival.
I went on Friday night though the weather was iffy. I found a seat on a bench (sitting on the grass didn't appeal to me as it had been raining). Couldn't see the stage but the sound was excellent, so I just relaxed and enjoyed the music. Then the friend who'd given me the tickets came along and joined me. Pleasant evening.

I headed back there Saturday, arriving around noon. It had started out cloudy and threatening rain (the usual weather lately) but soon the sun came out and stayed! I wandered around the site, which is at a park by the beach with a spectacular view of the city skyline and mountains.
Enjoyed the various artists, and watching the folkies there: old hippies and new age hippies and all the others in between. Had I known the sun was going to shine I might have worn my gypsy clothes too. There were some pretty outrageous costumes there. Weird, in fact!

Later on I had a dinner engagement and had to leave. The entire last week was one lunch or dinner invite after another but I managed to keep the reins on the food I was eating and drinks etc. I'm finding spritzer is a good substitute for that awful house wine at the LQ. So I don't think I overdid it much. Even yesterday at our reunion/birthday party.

It was my friend C's birthday and we were having a reunion of several friends who we used to party with back in the late '70s. Some of them hadn't seen each other for years. There were five of us to begin with but I invited a surprise guest, Antonia, who was the Grand Dam of the Waterfront Corral (a.k.a. Greek Islands Taverna) where we often went on the weekend to party with the Greek sailors who were abundant in those days. Later on her husband came in too and that was another nice surprise. Needless to say it was a wild and crazy afternoon. Lots of good food (souvlaki, briani, Greek salads, and an angel-food cake with fruit and whipped cream for the Birthday Girl.) We laughed ourselves silly all afternoon and the party ended up going on into the evening. The last two left here at 11 pm. (it started at 1 pm.) But, a good time was had by all.

Now I am trying to get back into a semblence of a program to keep eating properly, not overdoing it, and cutting back on the things I just detoxed myself from. I'm feeling good about the fasting and have a decent start on trying to lose some weight. So why goof up?

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