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Thursday, October 13, 2005



I've been so ill the past couple of days I had to cancel a few events including my Memoir group. My other two night school classes have been cancelled due to the teacher's strike. But one important thing I needed to attend was the orientation for volunteers for the Writer's Conference next week. I couldn't even get out of my bed so I was unable to attend and hope that doesn't cancel me out as a volunteer. (I see they have me down to introduce a few of the presenters/authors so that will be a great opportunity!)

As soon as I got sick, I realized that perhaps this is why my friend A. has been feeling so ill since he got home from the hospital. All his symptoms sound similar. I hope that's what it is and not something far worse. He was doing well in the hospital but since arriving home last Friday he has been steadily sinking into a deep depression and saying he didn't feel well. He can't afford to get any bugs because of his serious condition and no doubt his immune system is right down.

It's unusual for me to be sick too and I can remember when the last time was that I felt so grim. Hopefully by tomorrow it will have passed. At least today I'm able to be up and about. Yesterday I couldn't even leave my bed.

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flea said...

just surfing thru and had to post as i am suffering from the flu/cold as well. i hope it gets better....