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Friday, October 07, 2005


FRIDAY, October 7

Today is a writing day and just as soon as I make my (late) breakfast I'll be here at the keyboard writing away! It's another gray, wet day so good to stay indoors although later I must hike up to the Drive to buy the groceries for the Thanksgiving dinner I'm having Sunday.
I've invited my son Steve, his wife Sue and two bachelor friends, my Havana Buddy and George.

My friend is coming home from the hospital today so that will save me a lot of trips downtown as he lives just around the corner from me. I pass by his place nearly every day at least once and I have an invitation to drop by any time. It's so much more convenient and it will be much better for him to be in his own environment among friends and family members.

Tonight is my son's early birthday bash at the bistro where he hosts the Blues jams, so I'm meeting Havana Buddy there and a couple of girlfriends. It's sure to be lots of fun. It will be another busy weekend as far as social events go and I also intend to write as much as I can. I'm not feeling so stressed or distracted now so it helps me to concentrate more on my creative endeavours.

Night school and Memoir classes went well this week but now the teachers have gone out on strike it means that next week's night school classes may be cancelled. The VSB has promised to add more days on the end of each session to make up for lost time. We have to honour the picket lines and support the teachers who have been bamboozled once again by our dictatorial provincial government who has 'ordered' them not to strike. They're doing it anyway. Bravo for them!

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