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Monday, October 31, 2005



It is somehow appropriate that today is the viewing of my friend, that this weekend was the 'Day of the Dead" celebrations in many countries including Latin America. And his daughter told me today that every Hallowe'en he'd take the grandchildren out trick-or-treating. She said he loved Hallowe'en. Me too. It's always been a spooky but fun time for me. And tonight, I've invited friends over for a pot-luck video night to celebrate -- a 'day of the dead' remembrance. We're going to watch that marvelously funny film "Ed Wood" which seems oddly appropriate.

Patrick and I passed by the apartment today and had a little visit with his daughter and wife. Patrick had brought them gifts from Germany -- the gift he'd brought for Anibal (classical music) he gave to Anibal's wife and there was a box of special sweets for the rest of the family. They were so touched, both were in tears. Anibal had talked to them about Patrick, told them that he had an 'angel spirit' in him (true!). He would have been so touched to know that Patrick made a special trip from Germany to see him. But of course, he is looking in on us and I'm sure he will know, somehow. A shame though, that Patrick will only get to see him for this last time at the viewing tonight. And tomorrow is the funeral. But at least he has gotten to know the family and this is truly special for him as it has been for me.

I have bought a white rose to take. I'll write on the card this line from "Hamlet"
" Good night, sweet prince,
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"

To tell the truth, my heart is breaking. It's just beginning to sink in, the reality. He's gone and I'll never see him or talk to him again. Dear, dear Anibal, I loved you so much!

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