Friday, October 28, 2005


FRIDAY, Oct 28.

Yesterday, one of the ladies at my Memoir group brought me some beautiful magenta pink orchids. She said she'd seen them and knew she must get them for me. When I told her about my friend's illness and impending death, she said then that she knew there had been a real reason why she had bought them so spontaneously. And true, it was an appropriate gesture, which I really appreciated. I meant to write this entry yesterday, but didn't because I had a class last night. And this morning, I got the call. Anibal died at 8.15 a.m. today in the arms of his loving family. He has gone peacefully to that beautiful garden full of flowers that he described to them where he said people were waiting for him. He was alert enough to squeeze their hands, just as on Wednesday he had been alert enough to recognize me, say my name and smile at me. It's that smile of his that I will always remember.

Be at peace, dear friend. You were loved and will be missed by many. When I hear that music you loved so much I will remember you. But I'll try to keep on dancing and smiling back at you. You would want that.

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