Sunday, October 02, 2005


SUNDAY, Oct 2. Another cold rainy day on the Wet Coast. We got teased with a couple of days of sunshine and last night that all ended. Looks like it's socked in for awhile now. Autumn is definitely here!

I have been itching to get back to work on my novel all this week after making several pages of notes but between classes and hospital visits I haven't had a moment when I could sit down and get my head around it. Usually I get myself going on the weekend, but this one has been busy. After getting an S.O.S. call from A. yesterday because he was lonely and wanted company, I dropped all my agenda and headed downtown. Was a bit dismayed with the other woman showed up as well. Seems he'd also called her. However I out-stayed her and was there til late afternoon when his daughter arrived.

Today I intended to get errands and chores done that I hadn't done yesterday. I didn't even go out last night I was so exhausted. So this morning I got the summer clothes put away and should have ditched a lot more than I did. Really, is it necessary to hang on to so many old t-shirts? I need a whole new wardrobe but can't afford one right now. If I chuck out all the 'old' clothes, that will be practically my entire closet. So I have to wait....again....

Instead of writing today I ended up meeting my friend Radio Girl and going to our favorite coffee bar for a late lunch and a long chat. The place was packed with rainy-day folk who had the same idea as us. We had an exceptionally great lunch with Italian sandwiches and a plate of appetizers, latte, etc. And spent some pleasant time flirting with a little pinky baby who was sitting next to us. Later went shopping and then walked home in the downpour. Not a nice day at all, but we made the best of it and had fun.

Now I feel the need to write, so I am hoping I can focus this evening and get back to where I'd left off last week. I really need to seriously discipline myself now. There's just been too many distractions and some of the time, when I was feeling so down, I couldn't write.

So, just writing in the blog is a start. Get's the creative juices flowing. And I hope this little conversation with myself does the trick!

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