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Friday, March 25, 2005


The moon is magnificent tonight. La Luna. Selene. Lovely!
I met my Havana buddies P & J downtown to take in an excellent Blues show with a phenomenal harp player, Carlos del Junco (a Cuban/Canadian). Excellent show. I saw a couple of the people I've met at the Saturday Blues jams. Too bad my son couldn't make it tonight. But my pal P. gave me a CD which was nice. Those two fellows (who I met at the Havana jazz festival last Dec.) are like the two brothers I never had. Our main connection is through the music we like. They both have music shows on the radio and are very knowlegable about the music scene. But they are a scream! They sit, poker faced and stoic, not moving a muscle while I'm booging in my seat. Same thing on Sunday when they came to hear the Latino band at the LQ. They just sat, sober as judges, listening while I was up dancing up a storm! It's really very comical. And I love the way they interact with each other. Just a hoot!
One is more serious than the other. Actually P. is really quite humorous and playful. J. is dead-pan and a bit up-tight. But both are terrific guys and it's fun to get invited out with them.
They're coming here this week too as we are having a little Cuban video night get-together.

P. gave me a lift home so I was home at a reasonable hour and of course not ready to turn in after such a stimulating evening of incredible music. And it's a holiday weekend. So I can relax and spend a bit more time on my writing. Not too much else planned.

I feel good vibes from this full moon. Perhaps the negativity of last weekend has lifted.
The moon shines on all of us
It knows what we can not
Binding friends together
With ribbons of forget-me-nots.

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