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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


The day started off right with waterfit. I met a nice woman there who invited me for coffee. We had an excellent chat and agreed to get together again after our visit to the pool.
That set the tone for the whole day. I came home in good spirits and managed to do several hours of writing. My cheque came from my Memoirs class so I made an extra trip back up the Drive to deposit it and run errands.

The sun was warm and bright today, pleasant for the walk up the Drive. I browsed in a few shops and then went to have a coffee at my favourite Italian coffee shop. No sooner had I walked in the door than a woman beckoned to me and called my name. I didn't recognize her until she said her name. "Deirdre." What an amazing coincidence, as just this weekend my friends J and C and I had been talking about her, wondering how we could find her. It's been years since I've seen D. We were all part of a jolly group back in the late '70's. Last summer J. phoned me out of the blue and then we contacted C. and since then have been getting together. But there are members of our old group missing. And D. was one of them. So what a lovely surprise meeting her in such an unusual way. It had to be Fate. When I phoned C. she was so excited. So as soon as Easter is over we will plan a get-together. It's just so wonderful to connect with old friends like that!

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