Monday, March 28, 2005


When I woke up this morning I felt really discombobulated as to what day it was. These long weekends are confusing, especially when, like me, you've stayed indoors nearly all the time. My big social night was Sunday eve and that was unusual, sort of put me off kilter. But it's been nice to have the days home to spend time with myself and my writing, relaxing, listening to cool music on the radio (classical by day, jazz at night).

I kept to my daily schedule today with just a small break now and then to move about. I should have done some floor exercises. Seems once I get out of that routine I have a hard time reestablishing it and I get so stiff. But I did get 5 hours of notes done for my writing, most of the time spent with my nose in history books (Plutarch), research notes, or researching on-line.
It was interesting though and I always learn something new in the process.

This evening was my writer's group, Scribblers, and I just got home. We always have such a great time there and the readings tonight were varied and interesting as usual. I was fortunate to get rides both was, a chance to visit a bit with the women who offered me lifts to and fro. Otherwise it would have been one of those very long bus trips across town.

Had a pretty interesting talk with my friend D. about Latino men...comparing notes...some similar experiences and chalking them up...Tomorrow night is my Cuban film night. So far my Havana buddies are coming and my two women friends who just returned from Havana.
I invited the donor of the video but as he and I have been at cross-purposes I don't imagine he'll come. Oh well...C'est la pee as they say. It's going to be a fun night with mojitos and cuba libras and snacks, looking at photos and reminiscing about Havana.

The rain is coming down again. I'd stay in tomorrow too, but I have my monthly luncheon with my Grad Class ladies and I hate to miss it. So, I'll have to wait til Wednesday to solve the rest of the political problems of the ancient Macedonian/Greek world of my novel...(which are so very parallel to some things today!)

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