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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


One of the horoscopes for last weekend said "You don't have a need for big drama, but someone close to you does. So when the Passion Play starts, view it with a sense of detached humor. Don't get sucked in." Well, I guess I did just that (got sucked in), and I've been dodging arrows ever since. Guess I better retreat once and for all. I've too many other important things to do just now, so no use dwelling on these aggravations.

Today I kept to my writing program and managed five hours, mostly notes, but it was a good day. And when I went to my writer's group tonight the response was all positive. So that was a bonus!

Since it's Spring Break I am hoping to keep to the schedule and get as much of my novel written as possible. Besides, when I'm working on it I'm not thinking of other distractions.
And in my 'time off' I have the trip to Greece to think about. I've been carrying around a postcard of Amorgos Island for over ten years now and have decided that this year I must go there. I read about it in the Let's Go Guide and it sounds like an idyllic place, small and not touristic. Every time I go to Greece I try to find a new place to visit. So this will be my choice this year. I think I'd like to return to Pirgos in the Peloponnese too. And yesterday Ingrid and I made our plans to go to Kefalonia (where they filmed "Captain Corelli's Mandolin", Ithaka (Odysseus Island) and Lefkada (to see Sappho's Leap where the poet jumped to her death). I've been there before, to Kefalonia twice (second time when they were filming the movie) to Ithaka where my friend and I got toured around by the mayor of Vathi, and Lefkada where I sat on the beach under Sappho's Leap and got inspiration for my play, "House of the Muses." They are lovely islands and in June there shouldn't be too many tourists around.

My preferences are always to go where there are not crowds of tourists. Mykonos is horrible in summer, but if you go there early on, say in April or early May it can be pleasant, the picture-post-card Greece. Santorini used to be a favorite destination back in the '80's. Now it's far too expensive. One of my all-time favorite islands is Thassos in the north. But I don't think I'll be going up there this summer. Last time I was there (2 yrs ago) I went to Kos, which was lovely and also Rhodes which has the best preserved Medieval town.

There you have it...It's the start of a new week. Hopefully no further arrows slung my way.
(Unless Aphrodite shoots a few.)

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