Monday, March 21, 2005


The group of young Latino musicians who play at the LQ on Sundays are creating quite a stir!
"Los Domingos"...tonight there were seven of them. I especially like the vocalist who sings with such heart. And Sundays the place is full of more Latin American people so everyone is up dancing and having a happy time.

I met my Havana Buddies there tonight, and my girl friend came too. Then two of the other women who have just returned from Cuba came in and were showing me some of their photos. We're all going to get together soon to watch the video of the Cuban art films and reminisce about being there.

Earlier this evening, my pal Ingrid came for Greek dinner and we organized our room reservations for London and chose the play we want to see at the Globe. Our friend MJ in London will be taking care of deposits and things for us. It's getting exciting now! We also decided on a trip plan for Greece: Kefalonia, Ithaka and Lefkada. I've been to all three islands before and they are lovely, so I know Ingrid will enjoy seeing them.

So, off to bed tonight feeling very tired. I've had several very positive emails today from writer friends to off-set the nasty scene last night. And lo! when I got home tonight there was also an email from that person 'appologizing'??? an off-handed way because he's not one to realize that he did anything wrong or intended to 'put me down'. Ha!

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