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Saturday, March 19, 2005


I spent an entire frustrating day today trying to get my printer to work and then mucking up the icons and text on my computer. and I just don't mix!
I did manage to do a small amount of note-taking and did a few cross-words to calm myself down. I debated about going out tonight. I had been indoors all day long. Didn't even open the window or the balcony door. So I decided, because I was so stiff and sore from sitting behind the computer (darn thing!) that I really owed it to myself to go out, if even for a little exercise.

I got myself dolled up, partook of some exotic tobacco and wafted my way down the road to The Drive, which is my neighbourhood. As I left the house, "Stairway to Heaven" was playing on the radio. Along the Drive I passed a bistro where someone was singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Already the evening was shaping up to be magical.

Met my friend Cliffy at his favourite haunt. Had a chat for awhile. Then crossed the road to my favourite haunt, the LQ. Unfortunately it was very crowded tonight ( a popular venue for Latino music). Eventually got myself a place to park at the bar.

My friends J and D have just returned for Cuba. We danced. They are still caught up in the euphoric daze of Havana. (It's been nearly 4 months since I was there and I am still caught up in it. A fascinating place! To me, like Athens, my other home.) We talked briefly. Everyone was into dancing.

I had a lot of fun there tonight. Always so warmly welcomed ( my fan club, heheh). Ended up walking home in the misty rain even though I'd thought of cabbing it. Something about walking home, even though the streets are mean these days, is empowering.

So, tomorrow I'm going with two very long-time friends to hear my son's band play Blues.
Looks like this is a music weekend!

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