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Thursday, March 17, 2005


This blog will be random commentaries on life. I'm going to repost some journal entries that were on another website which, unfortunately, doesn't seem to have many readers. So this will be my 'soap box' on which to orate, rant, gossip and just make general comments about what's going on in my life and the world at large.

I used to have a little cockateil named Cheeky. As I live alone, I would talk to him, whistle or sing. We established a special kind of communication, Cheeky and I. And when he died last October (of old age) I was devastated as much as if I'd lost a human friend. I miss my Cheeky. I find myself talking to myself now that he's gone. I miss his cheerful chirrping whenever he heard the key in the door. And I realized recently that I'm hardly ever whistling and singing any more. So that's why I decided to start a blog on which I can express my thoughts in print. You might even hear me singing and whistling once in awhile. Just imagine it!

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