Thursday, March 17, 2005


I spend a lot of my time riding on buses. Generally, on long-distance hauls when I'm going on a trip, I enjoy it. But riding around the city can get tedious at times.
Things I hate about city bus riding:(besides the incessant cell-phone chatterers...)I don't like it on crowded buses when girls get on and stand in front of me with thier flabby bare midriff shoved in my face. In fact, I am developing a huge dislike for bare midriffs. In particular I think it's a stupid style for cold weather. And most of the girls dress liked that end up looking like sluts.
The other day on the bus a young woman was standing in front of me (I was on the side seat) and her flabby gut was right in my face. Attrative? No! If I was a man I would be just as repulsed. Bare midriffs (especially flabby ones) are neither sexy or attractive. Don't these gals stand in front of a full-length mirrors when they get dressed? Don't they see they need to go to the gym and do some sit-ups before they are in shape to bare their bellies? Gah! It's gross! I've seen very few women who look 'hot' in that fashion, and most of them were Greek girls in the summer time in Greece. They look fantastic!But in the winter, in North America, it is definitely NOT a flattering fashion!

My next gripe? People who get on the bus and make themselves as repulsive and obnoxious as possible. And why do we have to put up with this? I think the bus drivers are afraid to kick them off and although most of the passengers will try to ignore them, these louts manage to make the long ride home most unenjoyable!

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