Saturday, March 26, 2005


It's been a real productive day today. Besides the usual house chores (laundry) I spent hours working on my novel and managed to finish off another chapter segment. (Well, it's a rough draft as yet but at least it is complete.) I took a break once in awhile otherwise my back gets sore from sitting at the keyboard. But I had no desire to leave the house today, to get dressed up and go out. Good Friday is the day to meditate and relax.

Later this evening I went to the store for a hit of junk food (cheeses and gingerale) and watched some Bios on TV (The BeeGees and Elton John). Nice to have a break like this with nothing to do but laze around after accomplishing quite a bit during the day.

I have no plans for tomorrow either, except more writing, although I invited a friend for dinner. However, haven't heard back. But I did hear from a girlfriend who's invited me for dinner Sunday before we take in the Latino band at the LQ.

I'm staying out of the line of fire this weekend, keeping in a positive direction, avoiding the dark forces. That big old moon is beaming down. I ought to go out and take a look, soak in some of the silvery beams and make a wish on the stars...

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