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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The other night I had this unusual dream. I was in Havana and wanted to attend a service at the cathedral, but I was wearing my white capris and t-shirt so I borrowed a long black robe from a room at the back of the cathedral like a choir room. Then I went out front and there was a long line of people including a line of black-robed priests waiting to go inside. Along came Fidel, dressed in a black robe too, looking young and handsome and charismatic as he is. I was excited about seeing him and looking forward to hearing him speak in the church.

The priests in the line-up were amused when they saw me dressed like them, and invited me to join them. One of them, a short man, vaguely familiar, was especially affectionate toward me, teasing me. He said he could show me a short-cut into the church. I followed him into a back entrance but soon realized we were alone in what appeared to be a work room. He then began to molest me. I tried to yell for help but no sound would come, but after a struggle I got away from him, shed the robe and went into the cathedral. It was full of kids who were all in a happy mood. A male choir was singing, young men, all very handsome, singing a lilting song with a kind of pop melody. One in particular had a high angelic voice (now I think of it, like Barry Gibb of the BeeGees) and when I woke I had the sound of his singing in my ears.

My interpretation for this dream was that I have been organizing a Cuban film night at my place. The night before the dream when I was at my writer's group there was a discussion about abuse of children (by priests) in the residential schools. On the weekend, I'd also been watching a bio about the BeeGees (who I like very much). And the 'short priest' could very likely have represented someone who I recently had quarrelled with. Going into the cathedral, I felt 'safe' after 'escaping' from the priest who was molesting me. It's interesting how you can analyze dreams and figure out why you dreamt them.

Last night I had my Cuban party and my friends who have recently been to Havana, including one of my Havana buddies (the other one was sick) came. And, did the friend I'd quarreled with who had loaned me the video. It was a lovely evening, and so nice to reminisce about Cuba. We had mojitos and snacks and looked at photographs. The video had six short art films made in Cuba which included two about musicians and one about a ballerina in the Cuban ballet, and a 100 year old woman doctor who had worked with the revolutionaries as a medic, as well as a film about Winnie Mandela. So it was all very interesting.

And, alls well that ends well. The dream must have been a good omen!

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