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Thursday, March 17, 2005


I suppose I should have just called this blog "Adventures of a Bus Rider" because here goes another bus story. Tonight when I headed across town to my class I was feeling rushed because I'd dawdled around over my dinner. The bus was only half full when I got on so I was able to relax and doze a little. But by the time we reached the city centre it was jam-packed with folk and to make matters worse, the driver had cranked up the heat so it was stifling. Only a few windows cracked open. Everyone pressed together like the proverbial sardine can. I could hardly breathe and began to feel claustrophobic.

Eventually we reached my transfer point. Time was running late and no bus. Finally it came, and once again was crammed with passengers. This bus must have hit every red light along the avenue and, by the time I reached my destination I had to make a dash for it, already nearly five minutes late.

Fortunately the class went well (travel writing always does!) and tonight was travel photography night so after the break we enjoyed a little slide show and exchanging photos.
This was my last class for the Winter session of the 3 night school classes each week I've been teaching. It's always a little 'sad' but also a relief when it ends.

I was anxious to get home tonight but managed to miss two buses as I trudged to the bus-stop dragging my pack of books and papers. Waited in the cold for awhile and finally the bus came. No cell-phone yakkers, a fairly uneventful ride to the main transfer point. Then, luckily my next bus was right there!

I always like to just relax, unwind, after my class is over. I had a new magazine to browse through and settled in for a peaceful ride home. Ha! The bus quickly became jammed with rowdy young folk, a gang of youths who belted out "Danny Boy" at the top of their lungs.
Obviously they were heading downtown to the nearest Irish Pub, this being St. Patrick's Day.
They eventually disembarked and the ride was fairly uneventful until we reached the Downtown East Side. Fortunately, the usual drunks and druggies didn't board, but a group of weird kids in ultra-punk costumes got on. The first young lady was fairly pretty but made up with pale face and scarlet lips, wearing a short satin dress, black nylons with garters. A dangerous part of town to be dressed like a hooker. Her pals were decked out in equally outrageous costumes, sort of like Hallowe'en, but I'm sure they were for real.
Girl number two was a buxom gal with a mop of carrot-colour hair that might have been synthetic, face covered with multiple piercings, costume was army fatigues. Next came the studs and leather girl, the Dominatrix., no doubt covered in tattoos under all that biker chic garb. God knows where they were heading. I couldn't help but wonder what it must be like for a guy to wake up with one of those in bed beside him. Yikes!

A few blocks later, Pippi Longstockings got on. No kidding. Cute kid, but why the braids sticking out like two spikes on the sides of her head?

Anyway, I eventually got home and made myself a big bowl of popcorn, poured a wine-glass of gingerale(could have used a doublt Scotch) and settled down to unwind, grateful that I won't have to take that long cross-town bus ride again for a few weeks. Spring break. Time to relax and chill out.

What's on for tomorrow? Another day of writing, and then perhaps an excursion out in the evening to see my pals. Salsa dancing anyone?

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