Saturday, December 30, 2006


Baby Alex, New Year's Eve '64
SATURDAY, Dec 30/06

Here it is, almost New Years Eve, the end of another year. For me, it was a year of adventure and travel which have provided me with many wonderful memories. I'm still relishing the memories of Chile, spending time with Cecilia and Mommy in Santiago, wishing I was still there or at least had stayed a longer time. Yesterday I got the slides and they nearly all turned out, so reviewing them took me back there, walking the Barrios with Patrick, visiting the Poet's houses, riding through the Andes by bus. I can hardly wait now to get the print photos!

This week I started writing again, finishing up more work on "Shadow of the Lion", which is my #1 priority for the New Year. I got so far behind in my writing schedule what with moving, house guests and travel, so now I must get caught up. And oh! the need for exercise and diet!

So, aside from the usual 'resolutions', these are simpley MUST DO's. It's all a matter of health and well-being.

My last two days of 2006 will be spend relaxing and hopefully visiting with friends (will the girls really come to collect those Christmas gifts their mother sent from Chile?). The New Years Eve gala at the Cottage (where Steve's band is playing) has narrowed down to maybe just Cher and myself, unless the Havana Buddy recovers from his toothache. Other friends from the States can't come now as Cor. is sick. But Cher and I are bound to have fun anyway!

So, spending the day in reflection and nostalgia, and looking ahead to 2007 -- more travel? (Yes, Venice and Greece in May); lots of writing? (Yes, I must finish the novel!) and all the other good things that come with having a lot of wonderful friends and a loving family.


Saturday, December 23, 2006



Yesterday I had the best Christmas 'gift' of all: a surprise visit from my daughter and grandson. We hadn't expected to see either of them as whenever Mike flies up from California to visit his mom, he goes straight to the Interior. But his flight had been cancelled so he had to come in via Vancouver and my daughter drove down to meet him. So we all had an impromptu lunch together at my son's apartment. And though the visit was short, it was certainly sweet and meant a lot to all of us to be together for a rare family reunion.

My grandson Mike is 21 now, and a fine young man with aspirations to study abroad and a taste for travel adventures like his "Nanny". I hope he follows his dreams to see the world.

And to help convince him that studying in Australia would be a fine idea, I gave him a very nice book about Australia for a Christmas gift. I hope he enjoys it.

Here's a picture of Mike the first Christmas I got to meet him when I flew home from Greece when he was not quite 10 months old. He's a tall handsome young man now, as tall as my son.

But it's still so nice to hear him call me "Nanny"!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around my place. I've finished the decorating and wrapped the gifts which are all on the window seat under the little gold tree. My place looks very festive. I even decorated the plants with lights and baubles.

This is a photo of my and my little sister Jeannie, taken in Lloydminster Sask. when I was about five years old. I like the snow. We always had so much fun as children playing in it. When we lived in Saskachewan there was lots of snow every winter. I learned to skate when I was five and once I slipped on an ice patch and broke my elbow. We used to make snow forts and snowmen.

Where I live now is mostly rain, although while I was away in Chile they had a huge snowfall here. It caused a lot of havoc for pedestrians and cars and the weight of the snowfall caused trees to break which made quite a mess out of people's houses and cars. The snow was gone by the time I got home, but it would be rather nice to have a little for Christmas. However, the weatherman is forcasting mostly strong winds and more rain. I'm dreaming of a White Christmas.....