Thursday, January 29, 2009



We're into the third week of the GI diet plan and really, I have to say it is very easy to follow and stick on. I've still made a couple of slips but nothing too serious. (I went out for Chinese New Years dinner on Monday. I tried to be careful and not eat what's not on the green list. The sweet and sour pork wasn't but I ate a little anyway. Today I went out for breakfast and they served strip bacon and scrambled eggs. I ate a little and didnt feel too bad about it as I was on target the rest of the day and did a fair amount of walking today too.

The most difficult part has been drinking the required 8 glasses of water a day. In summer I don't have a problem, but these cold, wet days I seem to have trouble getting that much water into my system. And the exercise program needs to be increased. I haven't been to the pool due to my schedule and having a bad cold; I haven't been to the gym at all due to my schedule; and I haven't done much walking either. On Sunday I made a point of going to Stanley Park and had a good walk along part of the seawall. Today I walked quite a ways downtown, though it wasn't a 'fitness walk'.

These are the two areas that I need to try and improve next week, as well as decreasing the
red circles that go around any food I eat that isn't on the green list. It's a simple as that. I'm not starving. I'm not hungry. I'm feeling more energetic. And I think I'm starting to look better -- at least it seems to show in my face (always the first part to lose the fat). And this week I've received a couple of encouraging compliments that I really do 'look like' I've lost some weight. (I haven't been able to get to a scale for two weeks now but will try to soon.)
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


THINK GREEN! I'm trying to keep that motto in mind every day when I make my meals. So far I've mainly done not too bad MOST of the time, but there are still a few too many 'slips'. Especially last weekend when I went to a family birthday party.

I really intended to only eat GREEN, but the buffet that was served, although it was healthy foods, was mostly not on the green list. There were huge trays of sushi (containing rice which isn't OK unless it's a certain kind like basmati) and deli meats and small cheese cubes. Then there was a lot of tasty Chinese and Asian dishes that were mostly OK (but again, there was the rice and noodles.) I tried to take only small portions but I admit I had a taste of everything. There was also wine, of course, and birthday cake. I only had a tiny taste of birthday cake but certainly overdid it on the wine.

One thing I did better last week was the exercise -- waterfit and walks. I was looking forward to more of the same this week but so far it hasn't worked out.
I was supposed to start my Memoir groups this morning but it ended up there were no trolleys due to the wires being frozen so I sat in front of the TV all day long (and all evening too) watching the inauguration. OK, it was a historic event and certainly worth watching. But I did intend on going out to the store, at least take out the trash, just to get some fresh air and exercise. After all, the sun was shining. But by the time I decided to go it was getting dark and foggy so I skipped that idea and continued watching TV or working at the computer. Oh well, tomorrow I'll be running around like crazy all day long.

I did better on the foodie stuff this week except I've indulged in having one of the home-made chocolate chip cookies a friend made for me. That's a no-no!
What I've been doing, in the little book I bought to track my progress, is that every time I slip (or cheat!) I write it in RED so it shows up as a reminder.

Because I was unable to get to the pool today (and won't be able to from now on so must get myself to a different pool for waterfit) I was unable to weigh in. I certainly FEEL better and find it really quite easy to follow the correct menus. It's just those little 'cheats' that are getting in my way. One thing I like about this program is you don't have to count calories or points but you DO have to watch out not to eat stuff that's not on that GREEN list.

I'll try a little harder tomorrow. Every day will get easier, I know!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009



We all have our New Years Resolutions, and some of us actually attempt to follow them. Mine are usually the same two: Finish my novel and Diet/Exercise (lose some pounds and get fit!) And this year is no different only I am much, much closer to finishing the novel (in the back stretch now) and I have decided to try a whole new program of eating and losing weight. A friend of mine and her office mates have all been on the GI Diet, a sensible eating plan that has shown such terrific results. (I've never seen my friend looking so good in all the years I've known her). It really inspired me to see the results and also to recieve 5 large bags of beautiful clothing all top quality, stylish and hardly even worn, from one of her office mates who had lost so much weight she had to buy a new wardrobe. So this week I decided to get on the band-wagon and join the GIs too.

It's really not difficult, in particular since I'm usually always following menus from South Beach or Weight Watchers. So first I cleared out the fridge from all the tempting Christmas left overs (such as chocolate and chip dips) and my cupboards too (had to hide the peanut butter but I'll buy some of the kind you can eat).
The book my friend loaned me is excellent and easy to read and follow. Simply eat green. That is, everything from the 'green' list. You'll notice in the photo I am holding a glass of wine. Well, the wine has got to go now until I lose some weight and then a glass with dinner will be OK. Being the social butterfly that I am, that might be one of the difficult points to follow. But the thing is, not to beat yourself up. This is mainly a glucose index guide kind of diet and as long as you stay on track 90% of the time you should be OK.

The moment of truth came when I had to take my Body Mass Index. Yikes! I was two points over into obesity. Not good! And then....a worse shock...was actually measuring myself. You'll see in the photo I don't look too 'obese'. But you have to get a load of the side view. Not good, in fact, very BAD! But that 'shock' was enough to make me realize that things are worse than I was trying to tell myself and it was definitely time for some serious action.

After being housebound for weeks due to excessive snow, we are finally able to get out and about and this week I got back to waterfit again and was actually able to walk without fear of falling and breaking a hip. I can hardly wait til it's a nice day and I can go for one of my really LONG walks. And I have no excuse about missing waterfit now as the pool located nearer to my h ome has waterfit every day and twice a week at night. It's getting to the gym that might pose a challenge unless I force myself. And my wallet is full of gym tickets from last year that went unused as I was too lazy or busy to get myself there. This has to change!

I'll post occasion blogs here about my progress as a means of keeping myself on track and encouraging others who might be doing the same thing.
Trouble is, what do I do with this wonderful new wardrobe once I shrink down a size or two??? Well at least I know everything will look a heck of a lot better on me!
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Sunday, January 04, 2009



It's snowing!
It's snowing!
It's snowing everywhere.
Whirling and twirling
and swirling down.
It's snowing!
It's snowing, everywhere!

It really is. And it's been snowing non-stop is seems (well, a bit of respite with rain in between) for weeks! For the Pacific West Coast this is an unusual abundance of the white stuff and we're all wish it would just go away. As fast the weatherman predicts rain, and it does rain and melt the white stuff into slush, then it freezes over and the flurries start again. Bring out the dog sleds and skis! The roads and sidewalks are treacherous. The city crews haven't been clearing the side roads and a lot of people can't be bothered shoveling like they should do so it makes everything impassible. I've hardly been out anywhere in the past few weeks because it's too risky. Even getting on and off buses has been difficult as there are high banks on snow on the sides of the roads, they haven't cleared paths to the buses and you are in danger of falling getting on and off. I heard a story yesterday about a guy who slipped right under the wheels of the bus. Fortunately the driver saw him and didn't pull away. And a lot of people (not just the elderly) are falling and breaking bones. So far (touch wood!) I've been very lucky. But that's why I've not been going anywhere unless necessary, because it's not worth it slipping and sliding and when it starts melting, sloshing through ankle deep ice water and slush. Enough is enough!


After the first big snowfall I was worried about the weight of it on my balcony, so I built a little snowman. He lasted a few days til the rain came, then he slowly melted away. But it was fun to do and he was cute, with a date for a nose, and candies for eyes and mouth. Don't you think he's a handsome snow fellow?


I have been wanting to make a snow angel but was afraid if I got down on the ground I'd not be able to get up and I'd be stuck there and they'd find me in the morning frozen in the snow bank. (Not too impossible as a couple of dear old ladies have gone outside and been found later frozen to death). Anyway last night coming home by the park I simply couldn't resist any longer. So I put down my bags and laid down and made an angel. Not a very good one as I was afraid to take my feet off the sidewalk just in case. But I think you can see the outline there: head, wings and billowing angel dress. I've always been a kid at heart!
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