Saturday, July 23, 2011


Dora's Sunset (Poros, Greece)

(written on Poros Greece in memory of my friend Dora Preston)
The night I learn you had left us,
I walk the seaside promenade
by Poros’ harbour
and pause, remembering.
The sunset has turned the sea
into a pool of crimson
And against the blazing sky
a four-masted sailing ship
lies at anchor
I remember you, the free spirit,
You who wore purple
and buttercup yellow.
You danced in floral frocks,
amused us with funny stories
about an old lady named Clover.
I still hear your sweet voice,
singing, laughing.
I search that crimson sunset sky,
say prayers, remember you.

The next day, on Kanali beach,
I wade into the water.
A gull soars overhead,
a small white bird circling
as though it is watching me.
My tears mix with the sea salt.
Is it your spirit
soaring over the blue Aegean sea?
I hear the gentle trill of your voice,
telling me not to cry.
How could it be that you are gone,
taken from us too soon?

Dora, you will always be remembered.
 Since I posted the blog about my friends taking ill and some passing away,  my friend Anne passed the end of May, and when I was in Greece the end of June, my dear friend Dora passed.  That was a real shock to all of us and we were devastated. (How Fragile Life Is).

Before I went to Greece, I visited my cousin Shiela who had the stroke last November and it was so sad to see her lying on her back in a care-home bed unable to sit up or stand. She was always an independent woman and loved spending time with her family. It is not likely she will recover. 

These are the frailties of life we must all face, but it leaves me so sad to think of these dear friends who have been taken.
None of them will be forgotten!