Thursday, March 31, 2005


Okay. It seems to me (because I've been keeping track) that there are few (or no!) readers on this site. If you do read my inane ramblings once in awhile would you please mind putting in a response so I can guage just how many hits are actual readers and how many are me, myself, checking the site out?

I wasn't going to write tonight but decided to, just because I am curious about readers. And because I have another pretty good rant.

To begin with, I had a busy day, first writing, then going downtown to buy some stationary supplies and enjoy the lovely sunny day we had here on the Coast today. Then home again via the Drive where I stopped for an iced tea. Walked home in order to get some exercise. But then Iwas tired and tonight I had plans to go out.

Tonight I went downtown to a literary gala at this club called "Crush". There's a writers/publisher's convention in town this weekend (I couldn't afford to go) and they have organized various venues around town so that people can take in some literary readings. This was one. There's another tomorrow night. There were well-known published poets and prose writers at this gala tonight. To tell the truth, in spite of the fact that a few of them (the Canadians) are well-known in the literary world here mostly all of the readers that performed tonight were totally boring and I'd never spend a dime on any of their books. No kidding! And that wasn't just my own opinion. There were exactly 3 who merited any attention. The rest were a complete ho-hum.

My friend and I were sitting up front on a couch and believe me, I was snoozing for part of the time, it was so hard to concentrate. One of the popular poets was a long-time well-known local gay poet who gets accolades galore and frankly he is out of his friggin' mind and his wordless (just sounds) crap was barely worth a titter. This guy is considered to be a brilliant reknown poet. Crap!

What has happened to the use of the beautiful language of words??? Where are the 'real' poets??? Even the guy who is Canada's 'poet laureate' was enough to put you to sleep!
Only one young lady (formerly local who now lives in Chicago) performed anything that was worth listening to in the poetry genre. Besides that, there was one short-story writer (Can. guy) and a woman from U.S. who read a clever, amusing short piece from a book she's had published.

Otherwise it was a complete bore. One thing that comes out of this is that I realize I am a damn good writer and so are a few of my friends. So how come we're not published and getting all those accolades (and money, such as grants?)

And here'sanother thing: later I went to the LQ and saw my pal J. who has just recieved a big grant from Canada Council (which he deserves!) and he was insisting I should apply. But guess what?..they are NOT going to give me a grant no matter what. No.1: I'm not writing Canadian content. #2 I am writing 'literature', not this jibber-jabber weird stuff that people are actually getting published these days. I've never had one single iota of help from any Canadians. Only the Greeks and, while in Greece, the Finnish and Norwegian Institutes.

Sour grapes? No. I just won't sell out to anyone and I won't pay to have my work in print either. That is a complete cop-out. So I struggle on, hoping that eventually one day I'll hit the jackpot. In the meantime, I wonder how tomorrow's literary evening of 'magic realism' is going to measure up? I'm a tough critic, it seems.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The other night I had this unusual dream. I was in Havana and wanted to attend a service at the cathedral, but I was wearing my white capris and t-shirt so I borrowed a long black robe from a room at the back of the cathedral like a choir room. Then I went out front and there was a long line of people including a line of black-robed priests waiting to go inside. Along came Fidel, dressed in a black robe too, looking young and handsome and charismatic as he is. I was excited about seeing him and looking forward to hearing him speak in the church.

The priests in the line-up were amused when they saw me dressed like them, and invited me to join them. One of them, a short man, vaguely familiar, was especially affectionate toward me, teasing me. He said he could show me a short-cut into the church. I followed him into a back entrance but soon realized we were alone in what appeared to be a work room. He then began to molest me. I tried to yell for help but no sound would come, but after a struggle I got away from him, shed the robe and went into the cathedral. It was full of kids who were all in a happy mood. A male choir was singing, young men, all very handsome, singing a lilting song with a kind of pop melody. One in particular had a high angelic voice (now I think of it, like Barry Gibb of the BeeGees) and when I woke I had the sound of his singing in my ears.

My interpretation for this dream was that I have been organizing a Cuban film night at my place. The night before the dream when I was at my writer's group there was a discussion about abuse of children (by priests) in the residential schools. On the weekend, I'd also been watching a bio about the BeeGees (who I like very much). And the 'short priest' could very likely have represented someone who I recently had quarrelled with. Going into the cathedral, I felt 'safe' after 'escaping' from the priest who was molesting me. It's interesting how you can analyze dreams and figure out why you dreamt them.

Last night I had my Cuban party and my friends who have recently been to Havana, including one of my Havana buddies (the other one was sick) came. And, did the friend I'd quarreled with who had loaned me the video. It was a lovely evening, and so nice to reminisce about Cuba. We had mojitos and snacks and looked at photographs. The video had six short art films made in Cuba which included two about musicians and one about a ballerina in the Cuban ballet, and a 100 year old woman doctor who had worked with the revolutionaries as a medic, as well as a film about Winnie Mandela. So it was all very interesting.

And, alls well that ends well. The dream must have been a good omen!

Monday, March 28, 2005


When I woke up this morning I felt really discombobulated as to what day it was. These long weekends are confusing, especially when, like me, you've stayed indoors nearly all the time. My big social night was Sunday eve and that was unusual, sort of put me off kilter. But it's been nice to have the days home to spend time with myself and my writing, relaxing, listening to cool music on the radio (classical by day, jazz at night).

I kept to my daily schedule today with just a small break now and then to move about. I should have done some floor exercises. Seems once I get out of that routine I have a hard time reestablishing it and I get so stiff. But I did get 5 hours of notes done for my writing, most of the time spent with my nose in history books (Plutarch), research notes, or researching on-line.
It was interesting though and I always learn something new in the process.

This evening was my writer's group, Scribblers, and I just got home. We always have such a great time there and the readings tonight were varied and interesting as usual. I was fortunate to get rides both was, a chance to visit a bit with the women who offered me lifts to and fro. Otherwise it would have been one of those very long bus trips across town.

Had a pretty interesting talk with my friend D. about Latino men...comparing notes...some similar experiences and chalking them up...Tomorrow night is my Cuban film night. So far my Havana buddies are coming and my two women friends who just returned from Havana.
I invited the donor of the video but as he and I have been at cross-purposes I don't imagine he'll come. Oh well...C'est la pee as they say. It's going to be a fun night with mojitos and cuba libras and snacks, looking at photos and reminiscing about Havana.

The rain is coming down again. I'd stay in tomorrow too, but I have my monthly luncheon with my Grad Class ladies and I hate to miss it. So, I'll have to wait til Wednesday to solve the rest of the political problems of the ancient Macedonian/Greek world of my novel...(which are so very parallel to some things today!)


What should I title this blog? A lot of interesting (and strange) things happened tonight. Who knows how or why?

I've been indoors all weekend (except for a couple of brief soirees to the buy stuff). Did a lot of writing, watched some entertaining TV (mainly music shows). A nice relaxing time. No chocolate Easter bunnies or coloured eggs. That might be a first!

Today I was invited for dinner to a friends, a new friend of mine, and it was a lovely get-together. I'd saved myself all weekend, didn't go out, because we intended to go to the Sunday night Salsa at the LQ. All psyched up for it. But when we got there, alas! there was no music. Rats! So my friend suggested we mosey on up the road and check out another place. And there, were found live music (Latino) and settled in for the night. Not only that, but we commanded the attention of the musicians and their friends and ended up having an excellent night laughing, dancing, having fun.

Now the strange, unusual thing that happened...I was up paying my bill and there was a guy in the hallway who spoke to me in a familiar way. I didn't recognize him. It turned out to be a man who I knew more than 10 yrs ago, an Afro-Moroccan who was at that time quite the suave, handsome fellow. I had a brief fling with with. I saw him several years later and he looked terrible. I was almost worried that he had the dreaded virus. He was no longer a chef (he'd been trained in Europe and at the time I first met him had very good credentials and a good job). He was selling plants and doing gardening. I recall buying some plants from him and getting advice for my bougainvillea. Well, it's been a number of years and I had thought he was no longer on the planet. So when I saw him there at this restaurant tonight I was shocked. He recognized me immediately (I'd never have known him). He had just come back from New York, he said. And did I want to buy some palm trees? My god!

It's weird how things turn out for some people, eh? He used to be so handsome, now he has lost his teeth and looks very broken down and old.

This is the second long-lost person I've run into in the last two weeks. I wonder who the third one will be?

Saturday, March 26, 2005


It's been a real productive day today. Besides the usual house chores (laundry) I spent hours working on my novel and managed to finish off another chapter segment. (Well, it's a rough draft as yet but at least it is complete.) I took a break once in awhile otherwise my back gets sore from sitting at the keyboard. But I had no desire to leave the house today, to get dressed up and go out. Good Friday is the day to meditate and relax.

Later this evening I went to the store for a hit of junk food (cheeses and gingerale) and watched some Bios on TV (The BeeGees and Elton John). Nice to have a break like this with nothing to do but laze around after accomplishing quite a bit during the day.

I have no plans for tomorrow either, except more writing, although I invited a friend for dinner. However, haven't heard back. But I did hear from a girlfriend who's invited me for dinner Sunday before we take in the Latino band at the LQ.

I'm staying out of the line of fire this weekend, keeping in a positive direction, avoiding the dark forces. That big old moon is beaming down. I ought to go out and take a look, soak in some of the silvery beams and make a wish on the stars...

Friday, March 25, 2005


The moon is magnificent tonight. La Luna. Selene. Lovely!
I met my Havana buddies P & J downtown to take in an excellent Blues show with a phenomenal harp player, Carlos del Junco (a Cuban/Canadian). Excellent show. I saw a couple of the people I've met at the Saturday Blues jams. Too bad my son couldn't make it tonight. But my pal P. gave me a CD which was nice. Those two fellows (who I met at the Havana jazz festival last Dec.) are like the two brothers I never had. Our main connection is through the music we like. They both have music shows on the radio and are very knowlegable about the music scene. But they are a scream! They sit, poker faced and stoic, not moving a muscle while I'm booging in my seat. Same thing on Sunday when they came to hear the Latino band at the LQ. They just sat, sober as judges, listening while I was up dancing up a storm! It's really very comical. And I love the way they interact with each other. Just a hoot!
One is more serious than the other. Actually P. is really quite humorous and playful. J. is dead-pan and a bit up-tight. But both are terrific guys and it's fun to get invited out with them.
They're coming here this week too as we are having a little Cuban video night get-together.

P. gave me a lift home so I was home at a reasonable hour and of course not ready to turn in after such a stimulating evening of incredible music. And it's a holiday weekend. So I can relax and spend a bit more time on my writing. Not too much else planned.

I feel good vibes from this full moon. Perhaps the negativity of last weekend has lifted.
The moon shines on all of us
It knows what we can not
Binding friends together
With ribbons of forget-me-nots.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


The day started off right with waterfit. I met a nice woman there who invited me for coffee. We had an excellent chat and agreed to get together again after our visit to the pool.
That set the tone for the whole day. I came home in good spirits and managed to do several hours of writing. My cheque came from my Memoirs class so I made an extra trip back up the Drive to deposit it and run errands.

The sun was warm and bright today, pleasant for the walk up the Drive. I browsed in a few shops and then went to have a coffee at my favourite Italian coffee shop. No sooner had I walked in the door than a woman beckoned to me and called my name. I didn't recognize her until she said her name. "Deirdre." What an amazing coincidence, as just this weekend my friends J and C and I had been talking about her, wondering how we could find her. It's been years since I've seen D. We were all part of a jolly group back in the late '70's. Last summer J. phoned me out of the blue and then we contacted C. and since then have been getting together. But there are members of our old group missing. And D. was one of them. So what a lovely surprise meeting her in such an unusual way. It had to be Fate. When I phoned C. she was so excited. So as soon as Easter is over we will plan a get-together. It's just so wonderful to connect with old friends like that!


One of the horoscopes for last weekend said "You don't have a need for big drama, but someone close to you does. So when the Passion Play starts, view it with a sense of detached humor. Don't get sucked in." Well, I guess I did just that (got sucked in), and I've been dodging arrows ever since. Guess I better retreat once and for all. I've too many other important things to do just now, so no use dwelling on these aggravations.

Today I kept to my writing program and managed five hours, mostly notes, but it was a good day. And when I went to my writer's group tonight the response was all positive. So that was a bonus!

Since it's Spring Break I am hoping to keep to the schedule and get as much of my novel written as possible. Besides, when I'm working on it I'm not thinking of other distractions.
And in my 'time off' I have the trip to Greece to think about. I've been carrying around a postcard of Amorgos Island for over ten years now and have decided that this year I must go there. I read about it in the Let's Go Guide and it sounds like an idyllic place, small and not touristic. Every time I go to Greece I try to find a new place to visit. So this will be my choice this year. I think I'd like to return to Pirgos in the Peloponnese too. And yesterday Ingrid and I made our plans to go to Kefalonia (where they filmed "Captain Corelli's Mandolin", Ithaka (Odysseus Island) and Lefkada (to see Sappho's Leap where the poet jumped to her death). I've been there before, to Kefalonia twice (second time when they were filming the movie) to Ithaka where my friend and I got toured around by the mayor of Vathi, and Lefkada where I sat on the beach under Sappho's Leap and got inspiration for my play, "House of the Muses." They are lovely islands and in June there shouldn't be too many tourists around.

My preferences are always to go where there are not crowds of tourists. Mykonos is horrible in summer, but if you go there early on, say in April or early May it can be pleasant, the picture-post-card Greece. Santorini used to be a favorite destination back in the '80's. Now it's far too expensive. One of my all-time favorite islands is Thassos in the north. But I don't think I'll be going up there this summer. Last time I was there (2 yrs ago) I went to Kos, which was lovely and also Rhodes which has the best preserved Medieval town.

There you have it...It's the start of a new week. Hopefully no further arrows slung my way.
(Unless Aphrodite shoots a few.)

Monday, March 21, 2005


The group of young Latino musicians who play at the LQ on Sundays are creating quite a stir!
"Los Domingos"...tonight there were seven of them. I especially like the vocalist who sings with such heart. And Sundays the place is full of more Latin American people so everyone is up dancing and having a happy time.

I met my Havana Buddies there tonight, and my girl friend came too. Then two of the other women who have just returned from Cuba came in and were showing me some of their photos. We're all going to get together soon to watch the video of the Cuban art films and reminisce about being there.

Earlier this evening, my pal Ingrid came for Greek dinner and we organized our room reservations for London and chose the play we want to see at the Globe. Our friend MJ in London will be taking care of deposits and things for us. It's getting exciting now! We also decided on a trip plan for Greece: Kefalonia, Ithaka and Lefkada. I've been to all three islands before and they are lovely, so I know Ingrid will enjoy seeing them.

So, off to bed tonight feeling very tired. I've had several very positive emails today from writer friends to off-set the nasty scene last night. And lo! when I got home tonight there was also an email from that person 'appologizing'??? an off-handed way because he's not one to realize that he did anything wrong or intended to 'put me down'. Ha!

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Saturday was damp and chilly, a good day for the Blues. My son hosts the Saturday afternoon Blues jam at a nice little place called The Cottage Bistro. So two of my girlfriends and I headed there for the afternoon. As usual, the band was really cookin'. Every time I hear my son play and sing it seems he sounds better and yesterday was no exception. He's an excellent musician, been playing the guitar for years, ever since he first saw the Beatles on the Ed. Sullivan show when he was a mere 10 yrs old. And he has a equally talented back-up group too. The Westcoast Blues Review. You can catch some tracks of their music on the band's website: Check it out, and browse through the archives too. You might even see my picture up there!

After the jam and a few jugs of beer, C. and I headed to the LQ. I hadn't intended to go but C. rarely comes out for the night and wanted to go there. She and I are long-time buddies and former work colleagues. We used to boogie the night away at the discos in the old days. Now she's the devoted mother of three fine kids and doesn't so often get into town.

So there we were, parked at the bar in the LQ with another jug of beer between us. It should have been an all-round excellent night, but it was a night for the Blues, after all. Really!
No sooner did the band arrive than I was assailed with a lecture from one of them who is a so-called 'friend' of mine, all to do with my writing, reading, the subject of my novel (Alexander) etc. Basically he was putting me down. That pretty well set the tone for the rest of the night, with me ending up being in tears and each time I tried to defend myself from the onslaught I was shouted down. Well, not exactly 'shouted', but certainly not allowed to get a word in edgewise. His opinions are all that count. That Latino machismo. What kind of a 'friend' is that?

Needless to say, he's a 'friend' no longer. That was basically the last straw.
Every person who knows me is 100% supportive of my work, and particularly encouraging in regards to my novel which is taking so long to write and is such a difficult project. I take my writing seriously. Obviously this person trivializes it and, it seems to me, can't stand it that I am reasonably successful with my craft.

I stormed out in the end. Walked home in the rain which gave me some time to settle down.
I just reread the email I sent him. That's it. Finito. I have (and must) withdraw myself from this toxic relationship.

So here it is today, Sunday, and no...I am not feeling sad any more...just resolved. This afternoon my pal Ingrid is coming over for dinner so we can plan our trip to Greece. Later I'm meeting my Havana Buddies at the LQ to take in the Sunday night salsa service. A new girl friend is joining us too, because she was also in Cuba recently. We're all going to reminisce, wish we were still there in the warm Cuban sunshine.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


I spent an entire frustrating day today trying to get my printer to work and then mucking up the icons and text on my computer. and I just don't mix!
I did manage to do a small amount of note-taking and did a few cross-words to calm myself down. I debated about going out tonight. I had been indoors all day long. Didn't even open the window or the balcony door. So I decided, because I was so stiff and sore from sitting behind the computer (darn thing!) that I really owed it to myself to go out, if even for a little exercise.

I got myself dolled up, partook of some exotic tobacco and wafted my way down the road to The Drive, which is my neighbourhood. As I left the house, "Stairway to Heaven" was playing on the radio. Along the Drive I passed a bistro where someone was singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Already the evening was shaping up to be magical.

Met my friend Cliffy at his favourite haunt. Had a chat for awhile. Then crossed the road to my favourite haunt, the LQ. Unfortunately it was very crowded tonight ( a popular venue for Latino music). Eventually got myself a place to park at the bar.

My friends J and D have just returned for Cuba. We danced. They are still caught up in the euphoric daze of Havana. (It's been nearly 4 months since I was there and I am still caught up in it. A fascinating place! To me, like Athens, my other home.) We talked briefly. Everyone was into dancing.

I had a lot of fun there tonight. Always so warmly welcomed ( my fan club, heheh). Ended up walking home in the misty rain even though I'd thought of cabbing it. Something about walking home, even though the streets are mean these days, is empowering.

So, tomorrow I'm going with two very long-time friends to hear my son's band play Blues.
Looks like this is a music weekend!

Thursday, March 17, 2005


I suppose I should have just called this blog "Adventures of a Bus Rider" because here goes another bus story. Tonight when I headed across town to my class I was feeling rushed because I'd dawdled around over my dinner. The bus was only half full when I got on so I was able to relax and doze a little. But by the time we reached the city centre it was jam-packed with folk and to make matters worse, the driver had cranked up the heat so it was stifling. Only a few windows cracked open. Everyone pressed together like the proverbial sardine can. I could hardly breathe and began to feel claustrophobic.

Eventually we reached my transfer point. Time was running late and no bus. Finally it came, and once again was crammed with passengers. This bus must have hit every red light along the avenue and, by the time I reached my destination I had to make a dash for it, already nearly five minutes late.

Fortunately the class went well (travel writing always does!) and tonight was travel photography night so after the break we enjoyed a little slide show and exchanging photos.
This was my last class for the Winter session of the 3 night school classes each week I've been teaching. It's always a little 'sad' but also a relief when it ends.

I was anxious to get home tonight but managed to miss two buses as I trudged to the bus-stop dragging my pack of books and papers. Waited in the cold for awhile and finally the bus came. No cell-phone yakkers, a fairly uneventful ride to the main transfer point. Then, luckily my next bus was right there!

I always like to just relax, unwind, after my class is over. I had a new magazine to browse through and settled in for a peaceful ride home. Ha! The bus quickly became jammed with rowdy young folk, a gang of youths who belted out "Danny Boy" at the top of their lungs.
Obviously they were heading downtown to the nearest Irish Pub, this being St. Patrick's Day.
They eventually disembarked and the ride was fairly uneventful until we reached the Downtown East Side. Fortunately, the usual drunks and druggies didn't board, but a group of weird kids in ultra-punk costumes got on. The first young lady was fairly pretty but made up with pale face and scarlet lips, wearing a short satin dress, black nylons with garters. A dangerous part of town to be dressed like a hooker. Her pals were decked out in equally outrageous costumes, sort of like Hallowe'en, but I'm sure they were for real.
Girl number two was a buxom gal with a mop of carrot-colour hair that might have been synthetic, face covered with multiple piercings, costume was army fatigues. Next came the studs and leather girl, the Dominatrix., no doubt covered in tattoos under all that biker chic garb. God knows where they were heading. I couldn't help but wonder what it must be like for a guy to wake up with one of those in bed beside him. Yikes!

A few blocks later, Pippi Longstockings got on. No kidding. Cute kid, but why the braids sticking out like two spikes on the sides of her head?

Anyway, I eventually got home and made myself a big bowl of popcorn, poured a wine-glass of gingerale(could have used a doublt Scotch) and settled down to unwind, grateful that I won't have to take that long cross-town bus ride again for a few weeks. Spring break. Time to relax and chill out.

What's on for tomorrow? Another day of writing, and then perhaps an excursion out in the evening to see my pals. Salsa dancing anyone?


I spend a lot of my time riding on buses. Generally, on long-distance hauls when I'm going on a trip, I enjoy it. But riding around the city can get tedious at times.
Things I hate about city bus riding:(besides the incessant cell-phone chatterers...)I don't like it on crowded buses when girls get on and stand in front of me with thier flabby bare midriff shoved in my face. In fact, I am developing a huge dislike for bare midriffs. In particular I think it's a stupid style for cold weather. And most of the girls dress liked that end up looking like sluts.
The other day on the bus a young woman was standing in front of me (I was on the side seat) and her flabby gut was right in my face. Attrative? No! If I was a man I would be just as repulsed. Bare midriffs (especially flabby ones) are neither sexy or attractive. Don't these gals stand in front of a full-length mirrors when they get dressed? Don't they see they need to go to the gym and do some sit-ups before they are in shape to bare their bellies? Gah! It's gross! I've seen very few women who look 'hot' in that fashion, and most of them were Greek girls in the summer time in Greece. They look fantastic!But in the winter, in North America, it is definitely NOT a flattering fashion!

My next gripe? People who get on the bus and make themselves as repulsive and obnoxious as possible. And why do we have to put up with this? I think the bus drivers are afraid to kick them off and although most of the passengers will try to ignore them, these louts manage to make the long ride home most unenjoyable!


Just something to rant about...Why don't they make a rule about people carrying on long, loud conversations on their cell phones in public places, in particular on public transit? It is so invasive and annoying!
Recently, two incidents just put me right off. On my way to my nightschool class a young woman sat across the aisle on the bus from me and she yelled so loud into her cell that it was like someone clanging a large pair of cymbals in my ear. I couldn't believe it! Are the people on the other end of the line deaf? Do these cell-show-offs think it's cool to let everyone on the bus in on their private conversations?
On my way home, after class, I am usually quite tired from two and a half hours of teaching and just want to chill out and relax for the long bus ride home. When I got on the bus last night there was a young girl talking on her cell. I sat a few seats in front of her. She carried on a loud non-stop conversation for the entire trip (more than half an hour) and was still yakking non-stop when she stepped off the bus at my stop, and walked up the street. Did the person on the other end of the line have a chance to get a word in edge-wise? I don't think so. The gal kept up a steady stream of loud chatter the entire time hardly taking a breath. I turned around a couple of times and looked at her (hint, hint) but these ignoramuses are oblivious to the fact they are annoying other people. It got to the point where I felt like yelling at her to shut up. I wonder why the bus drivers don't say something? Surely it must bother them too when they are trying to concentrate on driving.
I know there are good uses for cells. But frankly I don't think that they ought to be allowed in public places or on public transportation except for emergency calls or brief messages to say "I'll call you back as soon as I'm off the bus."
Cranky? I don't think so. I think if enough people registered complaints something would be done about it. After all there are some restaurants, theatres etc where they forbid the use of cells. And recently they are trying to make laws about using cells while driving. I have this happen to me so many times, even on long-distance buses, and it makes for a very unpleasant trip. Hey, you people who use cell phones. Have some consideration for your fellow passengers and passers-by. Tone it down and make it brief.


This blog will be random commentaries on life. I'm going to repost some journal entries that were on another website which, unfortunately, doesn't seem to have many readers. So this will be my 'soap box' on which to orate, rant, gossip and just make general comments about what's going on in my life and the world at large.

I used to have a little cockateil named Cheeky. As I live alone, I would talk to him, whistle or sing. We established a special kind of communication, Cheeky and I. And when he died last October (of old age) I was devastated as much as if I'd lost a human friend. I miss my Cheeky. I find myself talking to myself now that he's gone. I miss his cheerful chirrping whenever he heard the key in the door. And I realized recently that I'm hardly ever whistling and singing any more. So that's why I decided to start a blog on which I can express my thoughts in print. You might even hear me singing and whistling once in awhile. Just imagine it!