Monday, September 22, 2008


Summer's over
Now it's Fall
Quite the nicest
Time of all!

It's the end of summer. Time goes so quickly and for the most part, it was a lovely summer. We had some rain at the end of August that spoiled the last few weeks of holidays, but once it was September the hot weather returned for awhile so we were able to enjoy some excellent adventures.
I went on a kayaking trip -- first time ever! You can read the details of this adventure on my travelthroughhistory blog. It was a lovely day paddling up the Indian Arm, stopping for a salmon barbecue on one of the tiny islands. Certainly one of those experiences that will remain in my memory forever!

My friend Patrick came to visit so we went up Grouse Mountain on the gondola one day. Another first for me! We enjoyed browsing around the mountain top, taking lots of photos, seeing the sights and having a little picnic. I've written about it on my travel blog too.

One of those warm days my son, his wife and I went for a picnic to Locarno Beach. We intended to go swimming but chickened out. However we enjoyed lounging in the sun watching the sailboarders and ships in the harbour.

I had lots of picnics this summer both at this beach and at the pool and beach in Stanley Park where I often went swimming. Now it's the first day of autumn and a chilly wind is blowing. There are clouds with a bit of sun. But autumn can be a lovely time too. And next weekend I'm looking forward to another big adventure in the mountains when my friend and I go on a little weekend trip to Three Valley Gap. Another first!
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