Thursday, October 16, 2008


My girlfriend Andrea and I went on a road trip to the mountains in September. I had a free media weekend at Three Valley Gap Chateau, which is located at the edge of a lack where three valleys converge in the mountains near Revelstoke B.C. There's a ghost town there that I wanted to write about for my travel blog and website.

It had been some years since I had travelled into that part of the Province so it was quite exciting to head off early one Saturday morning on a gloriously warm, sunny Autumn day.
We passed a lot of farms and ranches along the way. The scenery is fabulous all throughout the Province of British Columbia. Our stay at the Chateau was a lot of fun. I'll write more about it on my travel blog and I've already written some things on my Living the Writer's Life blog as well.

On our journey back, we took the back roads through the Interior of B.C. The day was as warm as summer -- a real Indian Summer day! There were several farms selling produce. This was one of the most intesting ones. So we stopped, took a lot of photos, bought some produce and home-made sausage (and I bought home-made peanut brittle that was simply to die for!)

A very pleasant journey, and a whole lot of new memories to write about. Check out details on my travel blog:
and I think I'll do a story for my travel web site at
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