Sunday, November 15, 2009


It's been ages since I blogged here, and even longer since I got on my soap-box to rant about something. Quite awhile back I was posting stories about the infamous Pig Farmer who is now in prison (and appealing, of course!) for the murder of countless women.

Having grown up wanting to be a Crime Reporter (that was during my apprenticeship days working in the Vancouver Sun newsroom) I guess I've always had an interest in criminals and their stories. And lately, in our papers and newscasts, there are a number of stories that have given me cause to want to rant and rave. That is, the stories emerging about this infamous gang of brothers who I will simply refer to as The Breakfast Boys, because their last name is really a breakfast food. (Funny thing how this all ties in somehow with "pigs" aka the famous Pig Farmer case.)

These young thugs are either in prison or awaiting trial for numerous gang killings, drug busts, illegal weapons charges and countless other criminal activities. They live at home with their apparantly adoring parents. And recently there was a sob story in the news about how the mother was so protective of her boys, insisiting they should wear bullet proof vests, because the police might shoot them. (These bullet proof vests, by the way, are very expensive items, along with the bullet proof vehicle the Breakfast Boys had on order. Just in case some other rival gang members or the police might happen to shoot at them.) I have to wonder what kind of parents these are who have obviously condoned the illegal and murderous behavior of their three darling sons. I mean, really! wouldn't it be enough to have one renegade criminal kid in your house (which, if they didn't shape up I'm sure most parents would show out the door), but three of them is a bit unbelievable and especially since the parents are obviously living off some of the avails of their crimes. ("My kid doesn't have a job but he drives an expensive car, has weapons hidden around the place, wears a bullet proof vest and has on order an armoured vehicle that only security and police are suppose to have." Give your head a shake, lady! These are not your innocent angels. These guys are killers and drug dealers.)

I guess all of this make one be grateful that their own son (or sons) are decent, hard working, honest, kind and talented human beings who really make a mother feel proud. I simply can't imagine what has been going on in the Breakfast Boy's mother's head -- or their father too, who, I have heard, is a school teacher. (Or was!) He hasn't appear in court so far so there's no telling what story he'll come up with to 'protect' these thugs. But lately the paper is full of sob stories about the one brother who is in solitary confinement in prison because (boohoo!) he can't see his TV from his bed, among other whines and gripes he has. Stay tuned for more of this incredible saga. And kudos to the mother of one of their innocent victims for initiating a law suit against them for the murder of her young son. She is one brave lady, who lost a son who was truly worthy of honor and respect, to these goons and their criminalf friends.