Thursday, April 19, 2007


You read the details in the news about that mentally troubled young man who wrecked such havoc on the Virginia campus and you just can't comprehend it at all. Who would have imagined, in spite of the warning signs, the many red flags, the times he was sent for psychiatric treatments, that he would still be on the loose and create such a horrific deed. I shake my head and wonder...

United States is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. (Probably Iraq is worse at the moment. Much of it caused by who???) If I lived down there I'd be bailing out fast. It's bad enough here but at least we have gun laws though with the easiness to obtain them across the border it's creating more problems here.

I can hardly bear to read the news these days what with daily mass bombings in Iraq and now this horrible carnage of innocents on a college campus. What's next? Is there no end to his? It seems each year it gets worse and worse. This is like the decline of an Empire, the corruption and violence and utter degredation that is happening in USA.

Who are the young people's role models? Those hedonistic druggies like Paris Hilton and Britany Spears?What has become of the morals in that country? Why is violence such a big selling commodity. (just check out most TV shows and movies these days!) No wonder the fundamentalist Muslims have so much fodder for their anti-American rants. Where is the respect for life? the respect for family? the respect for our brothers and sisters?

I have been writing about the Pig Farmer but even that is sickening me. And this unbelievable event is the last straw.

I can't bear to write about this hideous stuff any more. So unless there are some outstanding turns of events in the Pig Farmer case I'm switching gears and not going to post anything about it. The whole state of things in the world is horrifying. How can people turn on other human beings in that way? What is happening to us?

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Who really committed this gruesome crime? It seems more certain all the time that Willie did not act alone. The more DNA evidence that is presented in court, the more it ties to other persons besides Willie. It seems obvious he was not the lone mastermind or exector. Several of the DNA samples point to Pickton's friends. The police deny the Hells Angels were involved. But there are still those rumours that have abounded since this case first broke. And now, more than ever, evidence points to other people who were known to frequent the pig farmer's property.

APRIL 11 "Victim's DNA found on see-through top, jury hears." The defence points to DNA of friends of Pickton found on several items.
APRIL 12 "The list of items bearing DNA of missing women grows."

An RCMP lab worker testified that 30 more items including a mattress and blood stains contained DNA of thre eo fhte missing women; some also contained Pickton's DNA but some of the items, such as a dildo attached to a revolver contained more than one person's DNA and "Pickton was a minor contributor".

It is known that other people frequented the farm and more than three other men's DNA were found inside Pickton's motorhome. One man in particular, Pickton's close friend Pat Cassanova's DNA has been found on several places along with stains belonging to one victim as well as on the freeze where body parts were found and in the workshop. A rosary positively identified a belonging to one of the victim's also had DNA on it of a woman, Dinah Taylor, who was known to frquent the farm. Neither Taylor nor Cassanova have been charged although police say they are still under investigation.

Pickton agrees that the remains found on his farm were those of the missing women, but he denies killing them and has pleaded not guilty. He is facing 26 counts of first degree murder. Only six of those charges are being tried at the present time.

Monday, April 02, 2007


Monday, April 2/07

One thing I find interesting is the way investigations are carried out these days -- all the high-tech stuff, DNA etc. Imagine how it was in the 'olden' days (not that long ago) and think about how many people might have been wrongly convicted because they didn't have these slick methods of detecting things. They have done a couple of years of research and testing on evidence from the Pickton farm and each day the court is in session you hear more testimony from witnesses who collected and tested this evidence. Here's last week's reports:

Evidence continued regarding exhibits found on the Pickton farm including lint from the dryer, fingernails and other minute fragments which were all tested for DNA. More evidence was also found in the three story farmhouse where Pickton's brother lived. Light sensors were used in the framhouse to locate stains (such as blood), hairs and fingerprints. Several items were found in Dave Pickton's bedroom including sex toys, lubricants, restraints and a rifle. The Defence has focused on Dave Pickton as well as several other individuals who had access to the farm where the Crown alleges the six victims were killed. Dave Pickton has not been charged in the case but has been extensively investigated by the RCMP task force. Willie Pickton admits that the remains of the six women were found on his property but he denies killing them.

Another person of interest investigated and not charged, a person by the name of Pat Casanvoa, a friend of Pickton's, had a band saw seized from his property and checked for DNA, blood and tissues samples. A suspicious waxy-fatty substance was found on the saw. He has also not been charged in the case.

A number of items were found in Pickton's workshop, some in a duffle bag, which contained guns, jewelry, leg irons, handcuffs and some DNA from these match the profile of victim Brenda Wolfe. A number of other items were seized from Pickton's slaughterhouse including plexiglass with blood splatters on it and a clump of blonde hair found in an orange plastic bag. (Victim Andrea Joesbury was a blonde.)

Some of the exhibits tested have not had the results determined as yet and will no doubt be brought up later on in the trial.