Thursday, April 14, 2005


Last night in my novel class when people were talking about books they'd read, one woman told of a novel in which one of the protagonists was "one of those 70 year old women who dresses like they are 40." This rang a bell with me. Of course I didn't say anything or she'd have been embarassed that she had mentioned it. But it gave me pause for thought. Am I one of those women?

I've always had the advantage (born with the 'fountain of youth' genes) of looking much younger than I actually am. When I was in my 50's people thought I was in my 30's. Etc. etc.
I still look pretty young for my age (I think), and have been blessed with reasonably wrinkle-free skin -- my main body problems being those of weight gain and sagging body parts but I notice at the pool that even the skinny little Asian women of my age group have the same problems. So there isn't much can be done about it. I am botox free, have never had a tummy tuck or face lift and I think I still look pretty good. (The best 'face lift' is to keep smiling!)

Still, it makes you think, when you hear a statement like that one I heard last night. And it was on my mind today. As for my dress, I wear clothes that are "me" and I will not be catagorized by my chronological age. I've found a store that sell stylish things that fit the mature figure and that's where I chose to shop. After years of not fitting jeans I found some that are so stunningly stylish I have had many compliments on them, for instance, and I feel good in the clothes I wear. (I will admit to having looked at some very short skirts the other day but drew the line at that, although my legs might be my best asset. )

Tonight I ran into four of my guy friends after I stopping in for a glass of wine after my class.
One of them said to my "You are our inspiration!" (These are older guys, bachelors.) They told me how much they admire me for the things I do, my energy, my spirit. That was a great compliment, because they recognize me as 'the older woman' and have great respect for me.

So I feel quite good tonight about myself, because I am looking my best, keep as fit as I can (hate those aches and pains when I neglect my exercise regimine and feel better when I'm watching my diet.) I dress for me...for who I am, and what I am...and I don't think anyone ever considers that I am trying to be someone who I am not.

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