Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Monday. Sunshine today, although once in awhile when a cloud passed by it felt quite chilly and there is some new snow up on the mountains.

I spent an enjoyable day at the daycare with the kidlets. A couple of new little tots there, one wee girlie just over a year old who cried a lot unless she was on your knee or holding on to your finger. Another little fellow who is wired for sound and quite the characters. They call him "Austin Powers". I had to put the restraint hold on him at nap-time because he was a bundle of nervous energy ready to erupt. Eventually another supervisor got him calmed down and asleep. The nicest thing about the day was being able to be outside in the playground. The birds were singing most joyously, the sun shining, and the gardens abloom with a variety of pretty spring flowers.

After work I took the bus to my friend Allan's where our writer's group was meeting tonight.
As I stepped off the bus I saw a flower shop with some gorgeous pansies so I bought four different varieties for my balcony boxes. Yes! Spring is definitely here!

The writer's group meeting tonight (Scribblers) was excellent and another fun-filled evening. One of our members writes brilliant humour and we were rolling on the floor laughing. It does the soul good to have a good hearty laugh once in awhile. It's such a fantastic group. I love them all. And pretty soon it's going to be our bi-annual retreat to the island which we are really looking forward to.

In all, it was a perfect start to the week. I'm looking forward to the rest of it with a variety of fun activities planned. Next week my night school classes start so it will be my busy time. For now, I'm just going to enjoy the rest of my Spring Break and hopefully get more writing done.

(Oh yes, another good bit of news today was from a local Celtic newspaper who says they will published my "Coal Pits of Wales" article.)

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