Saturday, April 16, 2005


FRIDAY, It's been a long and interesting day. Lots of activity. And here it is already Saturday and I am writing this what is now a 'memoir' of yesterday.

For starters, I worked at the daycare mainly as a filler because the licensing bitch was there to observe (and find whatever stupid pickies was possible). What annoys me about this (after 33 odd years of daycare work) is that these people do not work with the children or families but they make up the rules and criticize the programs and workers. I know this particular woman. She's been around for (not quite) so long as me. But now she has the government position and a pensions. Those of us who have worked in the field for all those years have nothing but a kick in the head.

Anyway, this person came and sat there poker faced, not even a kind or friendly world to staff. Ignored me when I said hello (maybe I should have been glad or she might check my licensing and realize it expired a couple of years ago.) Other than that unpleasant interlude the day was, as it always is there, mellow and good-spirited. I love those little ones!

Got home after a short sh opping spree to buy some nice summer footwear, and found an invitation to a play. So I met my friend and attended it. The play was interesting in that I wanted to observe monologues for my current w.i.p. And later went to her house for a nice long chat, and then off to the LQ because I haven't been there for a whole week.

It was good. But I wanted to dance more and there weren't any partners, or at least, nobody asked me up, and after dancing on my own I felt uncomfortable about it. Like a left-over. Nobody wanted to dance with me...the older woman. (that 's the problem with the local guys. )
Gotta be seen with the young hot numbers or ???? I'm a good dancer. But I didn't get a chance...

And, as for the one I have long obsessed over.. we had a few good chats but "the thrill is gone" (as the songs says) or am I just weary of the game. At least there was some exchange. But I get the picture and no use dwelling on it. Friends? Well... that depends on what the definition is. And, as I know already, the things he says are merely dust in the wind...

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