Tuesday, April 26, 2005


MONDAY. Such lovely warm weather makes you want to be outdoors all day. And today I had to make a trek uptown, doctor's appointment, and I took the opportunity to walk along the main street, browse in shops and enjoy the sunshine. I was feeling extra-special good after the doctor's appointment which was all good news re my health. If I have aches and pains right now it's 'cause I'm sitting too long at the computer and now getting enough exercise i.e.: the gym and waterfit (and it looks like I'll miss again tomorrow. Oh darn!)

Tonight my writer's group was here. Another jolly night of sharing our readings and having a good time with these wonderful people. We are all excited as this week is one of our bi-annual retreats to the island so we have been busily planning our activities, theme (Romantic Springtime) and food. We leave Friday, return Sunday night. And it looks good for the weather report!

Suddenly my social calendar is full again this week: Lunch with my Grad Class ladies tomorrow, then a class in the evening. Wed: I'm hoping to meet my Havana buddy after class and listen to some jazz at the L.Q. Thurs: After Memoir class, lunch with my actor friend, the beautiful Di. then another class at night. Friday: Yay! Off to the island!
Somewhere in there I must get more writing done. I hate to stop the momentum since I've been doing so well up til now and it doesn't take much to break the chain.

Oh yes, and flowers! I bought a few flowers to plant in my balcony garden. And tomorrow I'll get few more. It's beginning to really look like Springtime around here!

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