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Saturday, April 02, 2005


Suzaki came for dinner tonight. I cooked Italian: chicken cacciatore. We had some wine, talked a lot, and then headed off to dance the night away at the L.Q. It was an odd night there, none of the usual 'regulars', crowded and a lot of loud talking for the first part, then the dinner crowd cleared out and it was not too bad. Of course, as always, we love the band (Sumalao) and the Latin music. And most of all we love dancing together. Then our friend the Babylonian arrived so we had a threesome. Then other guys began to invite us to dance. So it was quite the night. Everyone in a good mood. A good long talk with my friend who I'd had a quarrel with recently and he made a big appology to me so that really made me feel good. We had several good talks through the night and just before I left to come home. So, in all it was an excellent night. I do love salsa music!

The day has been strange weather-wise. It was bright and sunny early in the morning. I had to sort out material for handouts for my night school classes and intended to get out of the house early while the sun was shining. But it took me four hours non-stop (not even for a lunch break) to get the stuff organized. Then I had to go across town to the school board office. By then it was grey and cloudy. By the time I got to the office it was raining. I hadn't worn my anorak, but I did have my umbrella fortunately. I stopped on the way home to buy some runners (got a really good deal on those, New Balance, on sale! Then homeward with a stop to buy groceries for dinner. By then it was pouring rain. Soaking everything. And a blustry wind that blew out my umbrella and broke one of the spokes. I went into the super market. Couldn't have been there for more than half an hour and when I came out the sun was shining. Thank goodness I didn't have to walk home in that drenching downpour!

The whole day was rather exhausting, but going out tonight with my pal and dancing was so much fun that I feel rejuvenated. Here it is well past the midnight hour and I'm still up.
But, another busy day tomorrow, so I better get my beauty sleep. This is one of those weekends where the social calendar is full right up!

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