Thursday, April 21, 2005


THURSDAY. The positive energy is definitely returning along with the warmer weather and lots of sunshine. I feel better today, no more aches, more pep, only the occasional moment of melancholy. In all, it was a fine day. And then I noticed tonight the great full moon beaming down. Of course! A full moon night. No wonder the energy is so positive!

Both my groups today were excellent. This morning at my Memoirs class we had some wonderful conversations and discussion. They are an amazing group of women. Afterwards I went for lunch with my friend M. who has just returned from a trip to New York. So the lunch time conversation was interesting too.

I did a bit of browsing around uptown, went to the library to return a video, looked in my favorite dress shop which, alas! is closing. They had a sale on but didn't have the sizes in the tops I wanted to buy. Came home to just spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing. Then off to my travel writing class tonight.

Another delightful time. These people I meet in my classes are so interesting and the travel writers always have fascinating stories to tell. I rode home on the bus with one of the fellows who is a photographer who's spent a lot of time in Brazil.

So it was a day of great conversation, interesting company and quite a lot of laughs which really helped dispel the gloom of the past week. I had a few melancholy moments, even found myself dwelling on that certain person who used to be but now isn't so present in my thoughts. But then, when I got home there was actually an email from him explaining why I hadn't heard from him all week. He had a bit of a disaster too.

Friday tomorrow. The weekend coming up with a few social events to look forward to. And when I counted it out tonight, it's only five weeks before I'll be flying off to London!

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