Monday, April 18, 2005


Monday. I've been feeling ill all day. Last night, during the night, I was up several times with extreme abdominal pains, like an attack of colitis. I was laying in bed thinking of how my cousin Ray had died of colon cancer, and feeling so sick I was imagining how terrible it must have been for him. Thoughts of 'death' crossed my mind and I dismissed them as morbid thoughts because I was feeling so terrible. Then, first thing this morning I got a call from Athens, from my friend Dinaz, telling me our good friend Graham had passed away that morning (during our middle-of-the night time) of stomach cancer. A weird co-incidence? Or a psychic connection? I knew weeks ago that he was in hospital and had been operated on but was waiting to hear the results, hoping that he might be treated and recover. Dinaz says he never rallied after the operation and had slipped into a coma last week. He was only mid-60's. We have known each other since the late '80's and hung out together a lot every time I was in Athens. He was a retired accountant from England and had just bought himself a house on the island of Evvia where he'd looked forward to spending the rest of his senior days. So sad. I'm really going to miss him when I go this June. Another friend gone. So many of them now. Each time I go there are more of them missing.

I stayed in all day, did some writing and other related tasks. Felt punk all day and had a nap before going out to my writer's group tonight. I guess I'll pass on water-fit tomorrow. I haven't any energy and feel quite rotten, and I have night school classes to teach for the next 3 days so I need to reserve my strength and recover.

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