Thursday, April 28, 2005


I used to write on another journal site, I wrote there for a couple of years, not just daily journal entries but sometimes little stories or poetry. Then, suddenly last November the site went down. Unfortunately, I hadn't been diligent in saving or printing out my writing for the previous year, so I lost everything. It's like the song says "You don't know what you've lost til it's gone..." and I couldn't really remember exactly what I had written over the year that had disappeared into cyberspace.

Well, what to my surprise (and delight) the other week when a former rememory writer emailed me to inform me that the site was back up again. I checked. And all my entries were there, including those I'd written back in the summer of 2003 when I was traveling around Greece with my friends. So the past week I've been printing out these old entries. And wow! Am I ever pleased to get them back. Because among the mundane daily writings, are some real gems, 'keepers', bits of wisdom, travel adventures and commentaries I realize are too precious to be lost forever. I'm so grateful to get them back, to be able to 'rescue' them.

Now I'll be more careful to save, and also to copy onto my word files so I can save them onto disks. Written words are as precious as gold because they are part of your character, your soul and your intimate thoughts. Once they've been spoken, they are out there in the cosmos, and if you don't save them (the written words, for sure) they are gone forever.

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