Friday, April 08, 2005


Here is it 10.30 in the morning on a sunny Friday. Consider this a warm-up exercise because I have to start my day's writing program at 11 a.m. and I'm only just getting myself moving. Why? Because I ended up staying up til 3 a.m. watching the Papal funeral rites. Such a lot of pomp and ceremony. Fascinating. But I had to shut it off after the sacrements were served so I didn't see the whole thing.

I start out the evening last night watching "A Man For All Seasons" so it seemed suitable to carry on watching the Pope's funeral after that. The movie, by the way, was excellent. The funeral, spectacular.

Most interesting was the crowd of guests who had come to pay respects, not just the millions who thronged the streets, but the dignitaries. Who else on this earth could gather all the nations of every religion and creed together in one place like that? To see Muslims, Hindis, Buddhists, Christians and all others mingled together was really quite touching and impressive. I also found it fascinating to see the pomp and circumstance of the red-clad cardinals and all the other Church dignitaries. The choir was beautiful -- those angelic boy's voices! The entire setting was like something you'd see in a movie set, but it was 'real'.
Quite impressive. The Dean of the Cardinal's College gave such a touching homily. I was very impress with that man! (and such a gorgeous head of white hair!)

I'm not a Catholic but I think it was important to participate in some small way in showing respects to Pope John II. He was a peace maker. He didn't do much for the rights of women (and I didn't see many Nuns in the ceremony but it was nice to see young women of various nationalities included in the readings). He did bring the people of the world together on many occasions and especially on this one, his final moments on the Earth.

I do have one thought though...that if they choose an American for the new Pope it will seem somehow like an overwhelming 'conspiracy' for American domination in the world powers.
Unfortunate its enough to have Bush and his gang controlling (or trying to ) the whole world.
I'd like to see an African pope but that will likely never happen. So what about one from Latin America? I think that would be a perfect choice! (Of course, a Canadian one would be good too, but I'm not sure there's anyone in the running.)

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