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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Tuesday. The first night of my novel class which went very well. Very positive vibes!
I stayed in today (no pool, no gym) because it was a terrible morning, driving rain, cold, gloomy. This April weather is so odd! Later on the sun broke through for a few glimpses. It was pouring again when I went out to go to nightschool, then clear again after with this great Cheshire Cat moon grinning down as it if was pleased with the weather joke.

I had a productive day at home making notes for my writing (trying to work out dialogues of Athenian senators). Then a young friend came over for tea and a long chat.

I rode part way home on the bus tonight with a young man from my class. Another pleasant discussion. I love my classes because of the contacts I make. The young woman who came by in the afternoon is also someone I met in one of my writing classes and we have become good friends.

Today I noticed three things: First, when I woke up in the morning I wasn't obsessing about a certain person who has occupied so much of my mind the past few years. Second -- once I did start thinking about him I again started to obsess so quickly went to work on my writing and forgot about it (a good sign!)
Third: I'm not singing and whistling so much any more around the apartment(hardly ever) since my birdie died last October. He used to love it when I sang and whistled and that's how we communicated. For a long time, when I'd whistle (out of habit) I'd then begin to feel really sad. So I quit doing it. But in the last few days I find myself suddenly singing out loud, and sometimes whistling. A good sign. And I will get a new bird but now I have to wait til after I go on my trip.

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