Sunday, April 03, 2005


Sunday. I intended to spend some of it writing but ended up spending half of that time fighting with my printer. Uninstalled and reinstalled the program and now there's something screwy with the fax line. And, the printer is still not working properly. Oh dear! And my techie guy is in England. What to do?

I had to leave it and head out to the 'burbs to have dinner with my friend and her family. Met another friend at the skytrain and we headed out together. It was a happy family gathering. I adore my friend's two grandsons, The Magnificent Omar and handsome young Yusef. Quite the little guys. And, as usual, the meal was a feast and a great time was had by all. (and I came home with the usual doggie bag of left-overs plus my friend's daughter gave me an early Mother's Day gift. So nice of her!)

So here I am at home and now I have to figure out this fax thingy. I am so not techie minded and these machines stump me totally. Shall fiddle with it awhile, then off to bed early tonight because believe it or not, I have a full day of work with the kidlets tomorrow. So, chalk up another nice weekend. And somehow the sun even managed to shine now and then!

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