Sunday, April 24, 2005


SUNDAY EVENING. I was just cleaning out my little letter file and there I found a letter from my friend Graham ... a voice out of the blue, one week after he passed away. He had just moved into his new house over on the island of Evvia when he wrote it.
"Still sooo much to do and sooo little time...See you next year? Cheers, Graham."
This must have been sent before the year's end, obviously and I forgot I had it because I can't remember when I last phoned him, and the letter had his new phone number on it. I used to call him from time to time, especially at events like Christmas time, so perhaps I did and I've forgotten. Anyway, it was kind of a touching discovery, this letter. I felt sad after I read it.
I had so looked forward to seeing him again.

How can we know when our time is up? Obviously Graham had no idea he was suffering from a fatal illness.

Well, on to cheerier things..I also discovered a letter from another Athens friend (who is an American woman who divides her time between Florida and Greece and sometimes Turkey.) It looks like she'll be there the same time as me so I better write and let her know!

Here were are at the last week of the month and another busy week coming up. Time will fly by quickly. And soon it wil be me, flying off into the Greek sun once again!

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