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Sunday, April 17, 2005


SUNDAY. Oh, what a weekend! By yesterday I was already burned out and although I tried to relax and catch up on some rest from the night before, I was feeling exhausted. Then I had the big party of the year to attend, which was indeed quite a gala. My twin nephews were turning 40 and the wife of Rick, the lawyer, put on this huge splash out in the Rubgy Clubhouse at the Park. There was a good DJ, loud music (which I found I could not get enthusiastic enough to dance to although my sister was dancing her buns off, first time ever!); games of Trivial Pursuit with flashing buzzers just like on games shows, lots of snacks and drinks and fun. It was great seeing everyone (my neices and nephews, sister and brother-in-law etc). But I was pretty tired when we got home, late of course. And today I felt the affects of all the partying this weekend because my cold was much worse. Just can't burn the candle at both ends like I used to!

So I didn't get any writing done today. A friend called and we went for coffee in the morning, then window-shopping and grocery shopping. Came home and laid down listening to music for an hour or so, wiped out! Then my Havana buddy called and said he could come over to watch the Cuban videos tonight. It made for a nice, relaxing evening. We enjoyed the films and agreed to get together soon for more of the same and more music too. Of course, the friendwho loaned me the films did not show up as he said he might(as usual, reminding me of my Mom's old adage "Pigs Might Fly"). It's nice to know, however, that I do have a couple of guy friends who come when they say they will and seem to enjoy my company enough to suggest further outings or get-togethers. At least they can be relied on. I've been 'burned' enough (by candles or false promises) to have learned by now.

And tomorrow I will stay in, rest, and get all the writing done I didn't today.
Oh, one good thing, I picked up a Celtic Connection newspaper today on the Drive and there was a two-page spread of my Welsh Coal-Mines story! A good incentive. (Too bad that publication doesn't pay, though!)

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