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Friday, April 01, 2005


I wasn't going to write here tonight, but here I am, some final thoughts for the day and thinking up some monkey business for the morning (April Fool's Day). I remember the tricks my Mom used to play on us and catch us every time! The empty egg shell in the egg-cup like it was a hard-boiled egg for breakfast; the 'there's a horse out on the lawn!" gag. We were so gullible.
I don't have anyone here to play a trick on tomorrow. Today my printer was playing tricks on me. I fought with the sucker all afternoon. It simply refuses to co-operate. And I really need to have those pages printed out so I can do my editing and get on with my writing.

Tonight I braved the weather (a really winter-like downpour) and went to take in some magical realism readings at a rather nice little coffee shop venue called "Our Town". I was tired, and after last night's rather boring offerings at the downtown venue, I wasn't sure I felt like going. However, I am certainly glad that I did. It was a delightful evening and the readers were excellent and highly entertaining. It went on long, though and I wanted to leave, but a friend of mine was making her public reading debut so I stayed. And I am glad I did as I was most impressed.

So then, home (and it was a long way to go), very late and pouring down in buckets. Had to wait around at bus stops getting drenched (even with an umbrella the rain soaks through).
They say we're in for a few days of it. Oh well, as the verse goes:
March Winds, April Showers
Bring forth May flowers.

So I'll stay in tomorrow and write (and maybe do some maintenance on the printer.) And tomorrow night I'm cooking Italian and my friend is coming for dinner. Then we're going to kick up our heels at the L.Q. chachacha...

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