Tuesday, April 05, 2005


A soggy Tuesday. Started off with waterfit which is always fun. Then I went for coffee with a new friend from there. By the time I got home, umbrella blowing inside out a few times in the gusts of wind and rain, I was a bit exhausted so didn't get much writing done today. Just a few notes. Then out in the storm again tonight to chair the writer's club downtown.

I'm the usually absent chairperson as by next Tuesday my night school classes will begin again and I can't give those up for this other position with is volunteer. It's a good group though, and there's some fine young people who have joined, talented writers. And tonight an interesting newcomer from Nepal who has had several books published there, travel memoirs etc. One thing about belonging to these various writer's groups and attending readings etc, also teaching the classes, I meet such interesting people and have enriching experiences as a result. It's unfortunate I can't be at the West End group more frequently and I'd like to 'resign' from my chairperson position, but they say the 'need' me to help keep it co-ordinated. So I do my best from afar with the help of co-chairs and others who don't mind conducting the workshop meetings once in awhile. You can see the excellent website the club has at:
www.wewriters.com Because of it we have outreach to writers all around the country.

Tomorrow, as it seems the rain has set in again, I'll just stay home and get my own writing done. I hear there's some Cuban music playing at a local pub tomorrow night. Sounds like something worth taking in. Living on this "Wet" Coast, you learn to cope with the drizzle and downpours. The rain doesn't stop anyone here from having a good time!

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