Thursday, April 07, 2005


Wednesday was a mild, nice day but I spent most of it indoors writing. Tonight, though, I went out with girlfriends to hear some Afro-Cuban jazz at a local pub. It was reminiscent of the Havana jazz festival. And who should I run into there but one of my Havana Buddies. He was with a friend who happens to be a well-known jazz singer so later I joined them and we went to the L.Q. to hear the jazz singer there. It was a fun evening, full of surprises and appearances by long-lost friends.

The music was exceptional as well, making it an all-round excellent night.

The biggest surprise was the appearance of the 3 Rascals who used to hang out at the LQ years ago. I don't often see any of them and to see the three together was quite a treat. Crazy guys, always good for a laugh. Two of them ended up walking me home, insisting on it even though they were staggering drunk.

So, after a successful day of writing and a fantastic night of music and meeting friends, I am feeling well-fullfilled. Tomorrow my first session of Memoirs writing begins for the Spring. I am looking forward to that, too!

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