Saturday, April 23, 2005


FRIDAY. I wrote for five hours today and then contemplated going out. Decided that I would as my plans for tomorrow are sketchy. So I roused myself, got my costume selected and off I went (late, as usual).

I began feeling a bit nostalgic when I was walking to the Drive. I almost let myself slip back into a melancholy mood. But then, I looked up at the moon, and it suddenly struck me: Roberto and Graham and Mitso were up there in the Heavens, probably sipping ouzo and looking down on me. "Go out and have a good time!" the seemed to be saying.

So I went to the LQ. It seemed strangely subdued even though it was late, and I wondered what was going on. I sat up at the bar next to a couple of guys. It turned out that they were Greeks. (One I know from before). And they were speaking Greek which was so fantastic to hear again.

For a joke, I tapped Elias on the shoulder and spoke to him in Greek, telling him I was going to Greece on June 1. He was so surprised he almost fell off his bar stool.
"Elenika einai?" He asked. Are you Greek? No, I explaiined I was just "filahellene" (a friend of Greece). Throughout the night after that he spoke to me occasionally in Greek. And I eavesdropped on his conversation with his friend, trying to recognize as many words as I could. It was odd, how the minute I heard it in conversation I began to remember the language. (But I still need to review and listen to my tapes. I forget so much when I am here.)

I had an excellent evening. People kept telling me how beautiful I looked (Lord knows I needed that). I danced by myself when there wasn't any partners but I did get told what a great dancer I was! And I listened to the Greeks talk which was the most special part of the evening.

I kept thinking of those three guy friends of mine up there in the realm of the Moon and I know they were getting a kick out of the evening too.

So now I don't feel sad anymore. I am so excited about going back to Greece. And I have the whole weekend yet to enjoy!

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